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Incredible!!!!! Win Cash Playing

This site allows you to play for free so as to win gifts! The principle is very simple, each game makes you win EuroPrizees that get added up in your personal treasure. You can swap them at any time for gifts, which you will receive directly at home!
Along your visit, you will often see Bubbly, he's the mascot of the site. Bubbly is often with the other members of the Bubbly Team. They are the main Prizee characters and you will often see them in the different games.
There are two main categories of Games on Prizee : The Free Games, which you can play each day to accumulate Euros. And the Betting Games on which you can risk part of the Euros you've won at the Free Games to try and win even more !
There is no obligation to participate and it's free ! There's no extra charge to access the site and you do not commit in any ways. The gifts are funded thanks to the advertising on the site and thanks to the MaxPacks' sales (MaxPacks' are optional games top ups).

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The Games

Synkyfrog’s ark: Help Sinkyfrog save the 16 animals from the flood. Try and reach the top of the mountain
before the water swallows you up. And don't
forget to pick up the coins on your way.

Just choose your thrower from the 4 members of the Bubbly Team. He will throw the pebbles for you. Depending on the number of ricochets, you'll win the sum corresponding to that indicated in the table
at the beginning and at the end of each game.

Waterbubbles: Dive deep down with Bubbly and hit the Jackpot! Wake up the underwater volcano by clicking on 'Play'. If you discover 3 identical symbols, you've won: if you are lucky, you may win one of the 3 Jackpots!

Guardian Angel: Snuggy's a little rabbit, and you're his Guardian Angel. You have to position the arrows to guide
him to the carrots. And don't forget to pick up as
many coins as you can. To validate your winnings,
you have to win the game

Cocktail: Scratch the shaker. You've managed a cocktail if you find a pair of fruit.
For a pair of the same fruit, you win the corresponding amount indicated on the table beside the ticket.

Intruder: Use your bombs to eliminate the blocks and the enemy in each room and thus open the door to climb one by one the 24 floors of the space station. Be quick, your oxygen supply is limited!

And don't forget to pick up the batteries which you'll find under the blocks to win Euros.

You must finish a given Level to validate your winnings. If you manage to finish Level 24, you also win a 0.20 € Bonus.

Prism: By grouping the marbles in bunches of 3 or
more, clear all the marbles from the play area.
You can't accumulate the marbles beyond the
red line.

To validate your winnings, you have to win the game. If you manage to finish Level 12, you also win a
0.10 € Bonus.

Snuggy Ticket:

Scratch Snuggy's basket and compare it with the menu table. The more carrots you discover, the greater your winnings will be. Enjoy your scratching game and of course have a good meal

Diabolo Ticket:

Scratch the 9 boxes in the grid. If you discover 3 identical symbols placed horizontally or vertically, you win the amount corresponding to the symbol. The winnings are indicated in the table on
the Ticket.

Buccaneer: Come and see Snuggy in his very last adventure! Have a walk around the island and follow the indications given by the inhabitants so as to achieve your missions.
Don't forget to pick up all the objects you find,
they will help you achieve your missions. You
can consult at any time our 'Help' section,
situated in the top right corner of the game

Sarcophagus: The Bubbly Team meets up in Egypt, scratch the mummy's head and discover your winnings. For each winning symbol you win the corresponding amount. The winning symbols can be added up

Sinkyfrog Ticket: Cross your fingers and wish that what's inside the box can save Sinkyfrog from drowning! Scratch the wooden box, and if the symbol displayed is the same as the one in the table, you win the indicated sum. Otherwise, Sinkyfrog will be forced to take a dip and as such, you'll have lost!

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